Why Pain is Important! The Formula for Change, Progress and Transformation

Did you know that pain is the last thing to come when something has been brewing and the first thing to go away? Most of the time it is easy to help you get out of pain.

But pain is much more than that….it is the vehicle to your progress and transformation in life.
Pain is a warning signal that demands your attention and calls you to a better life.

Most likely there were more subtle signs that something was amiss that you either missed or ignored. When pain hits, it is meant to have you STOP, become aware of what is going on and make a change.

“If you are not living the life you are meant to live, it is supposed to hurt,” says Dr. Donald Epstein, my mentor and founder of Network Spinal Analysis.

Pain is important. It is meant to interrupt your life, the way you usually experience it, in order to encourage you to make a change in your structure, your perception or your behavior.

We are not used to viewing pain as a warning signal in our culture. The entire medical system is designed to help you eliminate pain so that you can go about your life as you always have. We all know that if we go to the doctor for pain, we will be prescribed a drug, a shot or even surgery to get us out of pain.

Just last week a 50 y.o. client told me that 2 medical doctors suggested that she have two knee replacements because she was in so much pain. Her x-rays showed no arthritis. Why did they prescribe surgery? She was told by both of them that she should have surgery if she could not tolerate the pain. She held out because her father had a knee replacement that had gone bad. She came to me. Within two weeks of our work together, she was pain free, walking up and down stairs and working on her farm with ease.

Why do we ignore the body’s wisdom? It is easy to do. Pain hurts!

It makes sense that we would want to do anything to get out of pain. The only problem with that is that pain usually means that something is off. Something is not working.

Pain is a warning signal. For example, if you touched the hot stove, the first thing you will feel is pain and you will immediately remove your hand. Removing the pain from your hand, would be silly. It’s removing your hand from the stove that is needed.

So, why is it if we experience back pain, headaches or depression, we don’t honor the body’s natural warning signal? Why don’t we stop what we are doing and look for the change that our body or our life is calling for? Pain killers, steroid shots, and surgeries only take care of the symptom, the pain, and not the underlying problem. We are not taught to stop and pay attention to our pain in order to make a change.

What is pain calling your attention to? What needs to change?

Pain is the vehicle to your progress and transformation in life.

Healing is different than pain relief. In Network Spinal Analysis we work together to get to the underlying issue and create healing and transformation. First it is important to explore what is going on. Once you have understanding of what is going on, you can make the changes necessary to transform the situation. As your life transforms and you are living the life you are meant to live, you will awaken to more joy, compassion and love.

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