Stress & Anxiety

The mind/body connection is very real. Often, they are one, so if your mind is experiencing emotional or mental stress it will affect your body, and vice versa will happen if your body is experiencing physical stress.

In fact, stress is a catalyst that can lead to other health issues, including anxiety, depression, a lack of sleep and ultimately, illness. As stress attacks your body, it becomes more difficult for your body to function correctly and accomplish anything.

How Can Gentle Chiropractic Care Help Reduce Symptoms Of Stress And Anxiety?

  • Help you recover from “fight or flight” which usually causes a rigidity and tension
  • Restore function to the body by helping you find safety, trust and ease
  • Counsel with you about relaxation tips

Your brain is responsible for communicating with the rest of your body through your neurological system. Your spine plays a big part in that. The spine is the backbone of your nervous system and houses the pathways to which your brain sends and receives messages to and from the rest of your body.

No matter what the stress, if it is overwhelming, you will revert to a more primitive animal response. You pump out stress hormones.  Your body gets locked up in tension. Your breath becomes shallow. You are in a “fight or flight” response.  This shuts down your higher brain and causes you to react.  These reactions become habit and mold your thought patterns, behavior, mood, posture, biochemistry and physiology.  After a while you may find yourself sick, tense, anxious, stressed, depressed, dissatisfied or simply wanting more out of life.

As your body experiences tightens with stress, your muscles tense, and it often pulls your spine out of alignment. Over time, your spine being out of alignment can create issues with your body functioning properly.

The Effects Of Stress

Everyone responds to stress in different ways. No matter if the stress is positive or negative or is physical or emotional, if it is overwhelming, you go into “fight or flight” and the effects will not only affect your body but your mind as well. Routine Network Chiropractic Care helps you to relax, come out of “fight or flight” and into safety. Over time this creates enough trust in the journey of life that stress and anxiety lessen. It is possible to reprogram yourself into peace and ease.

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