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At Sudbury Holistic Healing we practice Network Spinal Care, also known as Network Chiropractic Care. Network Spinal Care is a gentle, yet powerful, form of chiropractic care that can help individuals experience true healing and transformation so they can begin living a life of health and wellness.

Network Chiropractic care works to identify the root cause of tension and stress in your body and releases it using a quick and gentle approach. This type of chiropractic care can help with more than just physical problems, but also with emotional and mental problems by literally helping you to undo the damage that has been done to your body from the past.

We start with gentle contacts along your spine that stimulate a relaxation response. Your breath deepens & your muscles relax. You tend to notice that it is easier to sit upright and your mood lightens. With time & consistency your body can learn to unwind new and old injuries, defensive behaviors & tightness that always seems to linger.

As your body unwinds, life’s stresses affect you differently. You notice changes big & small, expected & unexpected. You begin to feel differently both physically & emotionally.

Network Chiropractic Care and Spinal Health

It is vital you keep your spine in its best shape because your spine is responsible for housing the nerves that run and coordinate every function that occurs within your body. When your body experiences emotional, physical or mental stress, it begins to twist and compress, causing you to have poor posture, tension and sometimes even pain. This twisting and compressing can cause the nerves to not function normally which will decrease the overall function of your body.

Eventually, your body will begin to adjust to this stress and more complex problems will develop as we age. By utilizing Network Care, the underlying cause of the problem can be identified so that injuries, stress, and bad habits can literally transform and disappear. Every Network treatment you receive can help rewire your body’s response to stress. By rewiring your body, and your brain, you can experience deep and complete healing to live a life of total health and wellness.

Call us TODAY to learn more about Network Chiropractic and discover healing that can provide you with more skills to get through the hard times and thrive from the challenges life throws at you!

Chiropractic Care

What Conditions Can Network Chiropractic Care Help?

Serious health issues require serious solutions. Unfortunately, the health care system today has been conditioned to mask the symptoms of serious conditions with pain medications and other invasive treatments. We don’t operate like that. We pinpoint the problem and eliminate any guesswork, so we can immediately be effective with our chiropractic treatment, bringing natural relief and full body balance.

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