New Patients

We are thrilled that you are interested in achieving optimal health and wellness. At Sudbury Holistic Healing Center we are trained and committed to help you heal and improve your overall quality of life. We are especially focused on helping you go beyond your current health and life goals. It is important to answer the question:

If you could have anything you wanted in the healing journey, what would it be?

Whether or not you have specific health concerns or are interested in making sure you live to your highest potential, it would be our honor to work with you to help you better understand what it means to live a life of health and wellness.

We will start with a consultation and an exam to see how well you have been dealing with tension and stress in your life so far. The results of this comprehensive exam will show us exactly what is going on and why it going on. In the follow up report we will go over a customized plan of what it will take to help you achieve optimal health.

We strive for optimal health. We know that healing is possible. We know what it takes to bring you there.

Start your care today by making an appointment. Call the office or click on the link. Then fill out our new patient forms. These forms will provide us with insight as to who you are, what you need and how we can best help you.

What You Can Expect

Your First Visit will be your Initial Exam. It will be one hour long.  This visit will include:

  • A consultation with the doctor
  • An exam that measures how your body molded to the stress of life

Comprehensive Exam Includes:

  • Weight Balance Distribution
  • Computerized Postural Study
  • Digital Radiography
  • Facilitative Pattern Palpation of the Muscles and Bones
  • Flexion and Lateral Flexion of Adverse Cord and Connective Tissue Assessment
  • Your First Treatment, which is called a Network Entrainment

“Network entrainment is a series of gentle touches along your spine that stimulate your body to unwind and release tension that your body may have been experiencing for a day or even a lifetime.” – Dr. Jennifer Lees

Your Second Visit will be a Comprehensive Report. It will be an hour long. It will include:

  • A discussion on how physical and emotional stress has impacted your body
  • A discussion of your current condition: What is going on and why
  • A customized plan to bring you back to your full health potential
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