5 Patterns Your Body Uses to Communicate with You

What if your body is your guide to healing?

I see the body as a metaphor. It shows how you are doing in life. It expresses your inner being.

The question is, “How well are you dealing with life?”

When you are quiet and you really allow yourself to listen to your inner voices, what do they say?  Are they cranky and annoyed or calm and peaceful?

Your body talks to you in many ways. Are you listening?

Network Care helps you to tap into this realm and practice listening. This is a path to inner wisdom.  Your body tells all.

The Network Practitioner uses the technique to read your body like a map.  It is a system that guides you to connect & release the perspective that you are stuck in. For instance, are you stuck in the past? Consumed with the future? Are you questioning yourself? Do you Trust?  Are you passionate?  Are life’s experiences flat?  Are you feeling like you are not enough?

Your body responds to the perspective you hold in any given moment.  Your reality is literally based upon what story you believe to be true.  This forms your reality and your physiology.  You are what you think.

Dr. Donald Epstein, my mentor and founder of Network Spinal Analysis, has identified 5 patterns (or as he calls them “The 5 Rays of Consciousness”) that affect us.  It is this theory that guides the Network Practitioner to help you connect & release various patterns of tightness or problems in your body. It explains how your body is affected by your psyche.

When you are able to connect to these patterns, you will gain awareness and release the hold it has on you.  You will gain perspective.

The 5 patterns are:

  1. The first pattern or perspective is when you are stuck in the past.  You are consumed with what happened. You may believe that your upbringing or your parents are to blame for who you are today. You may not see any other options in the future because all you can see is who you have been and where you came from.  This perspective tends to tighten your occiput (skull) and your sacrum (pelvis). As you heal, you begin to see the past as a gift.  You may gain appreciation for what & who you have been.  Your past will now guide you, but not run you.
  2. The second pattern is concerned with trust. Do you have faith that it will all work out? Are you worried about the future? Do you trust yourself?  Do you trust others? Lack of faith tends to tighten the 1st and 5th vertebrae in the neck (C1 & C5). As you heal this wound, you develop trust, intuition, and a deep knowingness that all is well, no matter what happens
  3. The third pattern is how you define yourself.  Are you questioning who you are?  What are you going to be when you grow up?  What is your purpose in life?  Do you feel like you fit in?  This uncertainty tightens your pelvis and hips. As this wound heals, you walk forward with confidence and a deep conviction for who you are and why you are here.
  4. The fourth pattern asks:  Are you present? Alive? Passionate?  Or disconnected?  Being disconnected often affects the 2nd & 3rd vertebrae  (C2 & C3) in the neck.  It secondarily tightens the low back  and causes slouching. When you heal from this wound you become fully connected to your feelings, your thoughts and your life, even if you don’t like it.
  5. The fifth pattern has to do with a feeling of abundance.  Do you have enough love, resources, time, work or money? Do you feel that you are not enough?  When you feel violated or that life is not fair, your body “slumps” down and it feels like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and your tail between your legs (C5/Coccyx).  It may also twist your body when you feel like you are being pulled in many directions (C2/sacrum).  In this wound you experience inner conflict, lack of resources and/or violation. As you heal this wound, you grow into abundance, peace and deep inner calmness.

Use Network Care to help you reconnect to those parts that you disconnected from. Although we may not always like what life has to offer, healing will bring us more skills to breathe through the hard times & thrive from the challenges. Let your wounds become your greatest gifts.

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